The Evening Muse is “all things considered,” from a particular local/regional viewpoint here in Waterloo Country and the Grand River watershed as a whole, with emphasis on arts, culture and heritage themes, especially in relation to civic engagement that prioritizes how humans relate to our home on Earth.

“Evening Muse” was originally a title for what became Promenade community radio magazine, which airs every Tuesday evening at 6pm on 98.5 CKWR, Canada’s first community radio station — a play on the “6 o’clock Evening News”.

The name signifies a relaxed, walking-paced, grounded approach to developments as they unfold, offered at the end of the day, in contrast to pulsebeat news as it breaks, before taking time to consider its place in the larger picture.

The writer offers musings that are playful and open-ended, rather than carefully structured essays or firmly held opinions, composed in the evening or harvest time of a long life.

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Here, in Grand River Country, Now and Then


Marinus "Martin" de Groot

programming & dev't Home Range:______ adventures in media; programming Commons Studio '14-'20; arts & culture columnist WR Record '97-'19, CultKW '20-22; PhD U.S. History '95.